Unicorn Builders Group was founded by four partners who collectively have over 100 years of construction experience.

Our Story

UNICORN began as a development company, buying and renovating homes with a focus on product integrity and sophisticated deliverables. As a result of previous clients entreating us to take on a second or third project for them, we filled a niche and created Unicorn Builders Group. Focusing on bespoke home renovations, we deliver top-notch designs and construction alongside a headache-free experience. Forming relationships and guaranteeing customer satisfaction are our primary concerns.

At UNICORN, we excel at producing what we promise.


Managing Partner

Jesse is the executing force of UNICORN Builders Group, and serves one of the company’s Managing Partners.  He has 20 years of construction experience in the Brooklyn market. Jesse has taken numerous properties from conceptual design, through development & construction, to a successful completion. His vision for UNICORN is as a one-stop-service that provides full-service bespoke renovations, with each project reflecting the full spectrum of exceptional capabilities the company offers. Jesse grew up in Manhattan and Westchester, and now lives in New York City with his family.


Managing Partner

Zohar has nearly 30 years of construction & development experience in the New York real estate market.  With a plethora of industry knowledge, and a deep understanding of structural and mechanical systems, he provides a backbone of expertise for UNICORN.  Zohar began his career in the real estate development space, building and renovating nearly 1,000 new homes within New York City.  His passion and drive are critical for expediting project timelines, and delivering stunning finished homes. 

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